We’ve written about our personal experience moving to Canada, but Canada has hundreds of thousands of immigrants who all have their own story to tell.

We’re working on sharing the experiences of other people who’ve moved to Canada. Here’s our first immigration interview: Erick Serrano

Erick is originally from El Salvador, but he spent 16 years living in the US. He had an uncle living in Montreal who invited him to visit. During his two weeks as a tourist he fell in love with Canada, but wanted to see just how bad the winters are before making a decision about moving up.

In 2014, he came up for the winter. As someone living in LA, the cold was a big shock, but it didn’t stop him from living life. He also happened to meet a girl and decided it was time to move to Canada.

In September 2015 he moved to Canada and found a job right away. A few months later he was in a serious relationship with the girl he’d met on his first winter in Canada. Soon they were expecting a baby.

Then he got pulled over while driving. When the police noticed he had a California driver’s license they questioned him — he was still on a tourist visa, which was now expired. They arrested him and he spent two weeks in an immigration facility. Thankfully, the CIC allowed him to be there for his daughter’s birth. Unfortunately, he was deported and told he couldn’t return to Canada for a year.

He went back to LA and immediately hired an immigration attorney to help him return to Quebec to be with his family. It took eight months, but he was able to return to Canada in April 2017. He found a job the day after he got back to Canada. He’s now a permanent resident.